the Oneplus Nord CE

The Oneplus Nord CE offers great value for money as a smartphone, with most of the competition focused on the Android side of things. Yet the device also offers a great many features that many users will find attractive. The Nordic design language is known for its simplicity – this is evident in the Android interface too, and this is apparent in the design of the Oneplus, with simple black and white colours and smooth curves. There are no icons and buttons here, and this can be a turn off for some, but in practice this is not a big problem.

Despite the minimal look, the Oneplus Nord CE is oneplus nord ce actually a very powerful smartphone. The display is large, with a pixel density of 401 ppi, and it certainly shows. The screen size on the other hand is more like that of a standard-sized smartphone – it’s just that the curves are more pronounced. The dual-core chipset inside the phone means that it packs quite a powerful punch, which means that you can expect plenty of performance out of it. The Oneplus has an intuitive user interface, and the included Quickoffice software allows you to edit PDFs easily.

The large size of the screen, along with the new, curved edge-to-edge display does make the phone difficult to use if you’re not used to using phones with this size, but the Oneplus Nord CE also has a lot of power behind it. The dual-core chipset inside the phone means that it’s able to offer the full potential of a smartphone, and this means that the Oneplus can offer you excellent performance – even when it’s not being used to make internet phone calls. The Oneplus utilizes a powerful, high performance, lithium-ion battery. This makes for an extremely long battery life, so you’ll never be waiting on a network again.

The battery is also capable of giving the phone a good amount of endurance, with the power-efficient chipset inside the phone allowing it to last for a long time on a single charge. The Oneplus also features a robust software bundle which includes Google Maps, and plenty of useful applications, such as Google Earth, Google Talk, Google+ Live Wallpapers, Google Now, and plenty of other applications. The software updates will automatically install in the background, meaning that your phone will always be up-to-date with the latest versions.

While the Oneplus is certainly not as inexpensive as its competitors, it does have all the technology and features that you would expect from a smartphone. It has superior camera performance, comes with a large, high-end display, has excellent sound quality, excellent telecommunication capabilities, and runs on a long battery life. With all these features, it is little wonder that the Oneplus Nord CE is sold out in many stores in India. If you were waiting to purchase a Oneplus, now would be a great time to do so!

While the Oneplus is definitely one of the best Android phones currently available, it is not without its flaws. Despite having a large, high-end display, the phone’s camera is not as impressive as it’s supposed to be. Also, the Oneplus is limited to EDGE or High Definition only, and the battery life is not especially long. But if you are looking for a smartphone with a great aesthetic design, the Oneplus Nordic is definitely worth checking out. The Nokia E71i is another excellent choice, but the Nordic has a sleeker body and a bigger display, while the E71i has less powerful hardware.