Thriller Live! is the ideal way to celebrate Michael Jackson’s career as the King of Pop.

Thriller Live! is a worthy tribute to the life and work of the great Michael Jackson, despite the fact that the plot can be rather sloppy at times and the production frequently feels more like a concert than a live stage performance a lot of the time.

On January 11, the performance came to an end at the Theatre Royal in Brighton, where it had been running for the most recent run. On the other hand, it has been captivating crowds for more than 11 years, so there is a very good probability that it will return in the very near future.

The production, which runs for a total of three and a half hours and was written by Jackson’s personal friend and author Adrian Grant, debuted in theaters in the United Kingdom in the year 2007. Instantly, it became popular, and ever since then, it has been performed in places as varied as the song itself, including China, South Africa, Japan, Egypt, and Israel, to name a few.

In 1988, Grant established a British fan group, and in 1991, he was invited to participate in the recording of Michael Jackson’s album Dangerous. This was the beginning of Grant’s relationship with the Jackson family. Since then, he has kept up a strong contact with the Jackson family, and he was the primary impetus behind the production of an annual Michael Jackson memorial performance in the United Kingdom beginning in 1991. The fact that there aren’t many individuals who are as qualified as Grant to put on a show like Thriller Live! is reflected in the fact that the production is of such high quality.

Given the history that served as the foundation for Michael Jackson’s career, it only seems logical that the show would be welcomed and well-received all over the world. In 1993, he was crowned the King of Pop as a result of his unrivaled reign over the pop charts throughout the entirety of the 1980s, which was partly attributable to the phenomenal success of the album Thriller.

Even after his untimely death in 2009, no one has been able to successfully steal his kingdom since then, which is an instructive and striking fact. The legend of Michael Jackson continues to have an impact on contemporary popular culture, as seen by the fact that an upcoming film based on his life will be written by the same person, John Logan, who was responsible for the critically acclaimed film Bohemian Rhapsody.

In addition, there is a video game for home consoles and arcades called Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, there have been numerous bingo games named after the iconic Michael Jackson which was inspired by the musical anthology film of the same name. Even the online gaming business has been impacted, as seen by the fact that there is an officially licensed Michael Jackson slot game called King of Pop that is featured on the majority of the accessible best online slot games lists.

Because Thriller Live! is not even quite close to being a narrative history of his life and work, viewers who are interested in finding one should definitely stick to the films that were discussed before in this paragraph. It does not even meet the criteria to be called a musical. It has more of the atmosphere of a cabaret than a traditional theater show does.

Because a different person performs each song, there is no Michael Jackson “character,” and the album as a whole does not follow a continuous narrative thread. It has the distinct sense of a live audition for Pop Idols or X-Factor, with the exception that all of the performers are professionals who unanimously selected to play songs by Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. Those who are familiar with talent programs would recognize this feeling.

Those who go to the theater expecting a conventional performance are in for a rude awakening, but that does not mean that Thriller Live! is not entertaining to watch in its own right. The contrary is true, since the event provides a novel approach to live performance and is a fantastic celebration of Jackson’s extensive back catalog of music. Fans of Michael Jackson, music in general, or even simply people who enjoy enjoyable stage shows will have a great time at Thriller Live!, and it will unquestionably be worth their time when it makes its way back to theaters in the not too distant future. Keep your eyes peeled for the best movie based online slots.